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The martyrs of January 20 were commemorated at the Supreme Court

Category: News 20.01.2020 12:45
  • On January 20, 2020, the Supreme Court held a meeting to commemorate the martyrs of January 20.
     The martyrs of January 20 were commemorated with a minute of silence in the event.
    Making a speech at the meeting, the Chairman of the Supreme Court Ramiz Rzayev noted that January 20,1990 incident had entered the history of Azerbaijan as a heroic page of the struggle for freedom and territorial integrity.
         Heydar Aliyev was a genius personality who first expressed his reaction to this bloody event. January 21, 1990, in the morning of that tragedy the great leader came to the Permanent Representation of Azerbaijan in Moscow and sharply criticized the perpetrators of the tragedy and said that this event was against the law, democracy and humanity. After returning to power for a second time, a prominent statesman cherished the memory of the martyrs of January 20 and always took care of their families and the victims of the tragedy. Nowadays, the good deeds of the world-famous statesman Heydar Aliyev is successfully continued in Azerbaijan. State aid to the families of the martyrs and the victims of January 20 is increased. President Ilham Aliyev is a worthy successor to the political course of the Great Leader.
          It was stressed that the legal and political appraisal of the January 20 events had also been initiated by the great leader. The aggression of the former USSR leadership for Azerbaijan is the generalized form of the appraisal. Of course, the perpetrators of the tragedy was made public. The aggression of the USSR leadership should have been prevented, the leadership of the former republic should not have been allowed this tragedy. The former leaders of the people's liberation movement were also responsible for the incident. Those, who led the people to slaughter even being aware of the aggression of the USSR leadership and who took a step back are guilty.
         Speakers stated that although the Azerbaijan people suffered from the military, political, and spiritual aggression on January 20,  they have demonstrated  their being committed to their own historical heroic traditions, to endure the most severe trials, even to give martyrs for the sake of freedom and independence of their homeland to the whole world. In the bloody January 20 the children of homeland reached the peak of the martyrdom for the freedom and independence of Azerbaijan and wrote a brilliant page in the heroic chronicles of our nation by their selflessness and martyrdom. Today, Azerbaijan people are proud of their children who sacrificed their lives.

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