Azərbaycan Respublikası Ali Məhkəməsi

2012-11-23 A seminar was held with the participation of judges from Germany
2012-11-21 Working visit of the President of the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria
2012-11-21 Meeting in Supreme Court
2012-11-06 Meeting in the Supreme Court
2012-10-01 Visit of delegation headed by Mr. Ramiz Rzayev to Belarus
2012-09-04 Press release
2012-06-22 Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Azerbaijan met with the Chairman of the Supreme Court
2012-06-20 60th anniversary of Mrs. Shalala Mammadova, Chairman of the Civil Board of the Supreme Court was celebrated
2012-06-12 Co-reporters of PACE Monitoring Committee visited the Supreme Court
2012-06-06 The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice was satisfied with the work of electronic document management system of the Supreme Court
2012-05-30 Plenum of the Supreme Court 30.05.2012
2012-05-25 Cooperation between judicial bodies of Azerbaijan and Croatia extends
2012-05-14 The Secretary General of the International Association of Prosecutors met with the Chairman of the Supreme Court
2012-05-10 "Azerbaijan-English Dictionary of Law" was issued
2012-05-08 A Meeting Dedicated to the 89-th Anniversary of the Great Leader Took Pace in the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic
2012-05-07 The Chairman of the European Court is interested in the judicial reforms carried out in Azerbaijan
2012-05-06 The Chairman of the Supreme Court Takes Part in International Law Forum
2012-05-02 Judge Shahmurad Hidayev has retired on a pension
2012-05-01 Meeting in the Supreme Court
2012-05-01 Judges of the Supreme Court met with the officials of the Ministry of Taxes at the "Round Table"
2012-03-13 Meeting in the Supreme Court
2012-02-27 The Representatives of the World Bank visited the Supreme Court
2012-02-27 "Azerbaijan Russian Explanatory Dictionary" , prepared at the initiative of the Supreme Court by Chairman Mr. Ramiz Rzayev, Mr. Rafiq Novruzov and Ms. Kenul Aliyeva was published.
2012-02-17 Plenum of the Supreme Court 17.02.2012
2012-02-01 Co-chairs of PACE Monitoring Committee are satisfied with the introduction of European continental judicial system in Azerbaijan